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Written by: Magazine Team on April 11, 2024.

Begacom IT Business and Facebook

Begacom IT Business and Facebook. Removing a useless tool means being free to create its own success. Can we agree with that?

Earlier this year we have written about removing a Facebook site. The article is called Justfindit.se and Facebook. Now we are doing so again. The reason is almost the same. There is no use for this site. It is also known as Meta Business Suite and the experience of it is just negative. No reasons to keep it - it is easier to get rid of it.

We have talked to the owner of Begacom IT Business in Sweden and he has told us that this decision is made. Why is that so? When the Meta Business Suite does not contribute any new development, it is time to get rid of it. Having it without using it, does not give anything. The owner smiles and continues further.

We also noticed that it is impossible to get any help or support. For example how to remove all likes or followers? Or, how to clean the comments or reviews. Why should we tolerate spam content in the reviews? Unfortunately, Facebook or Meta Business Suite is a very useless tool when it comes to the protection or help with blocking the spammers.

Begacom IT Business and Facebook. Removing a useless tool.

It is important that every company accepts and tolerates negative comments, reviews or feedbacks, but if it is more than obvious that some text is a spam, it should be allowed to manage that problem on an own way. Questioning this right is just a limitation which made the owner of Begacom IT Business to consider this decision. We are ending this article with some last words from this company owner:

Removing the Meta Business Suite or the Facebook site is our liberation from a pretty useless tool. From now on, our business will be free to create its own success.

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