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Written by: Magazine Team on December 6, 2021.

Ždrepčeva Krv - semi-sweet red wine from Čoka

Ždrepčeva Krv - semi-sweet red wine from Čoka. Nowadays, in modern time, information and commercials about Ždrepčeva Krv is visible on different places on Balkans. How is this wine? Let us taste it!

Now again. We are trying one more red wine. In earlier articles we wrote about some like Woodpeak Hills Zinfandel, Tini – Montepulciano D’Abruzzo and Domaine de la Prade but this time we have chosen to taste something from Balkans. Or, we have already tasted some but we want to write about this one. Is there a particular reason for that?

Early in the 90s, April-July 1992 the owner of this magazine lived in Čoka because of the war in Sarajevo. Nowadays, in modern time, information and commercials about Ždrepčeva Krv from winery in Čoka are visible on many places regardless if you are in Serbia or Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ždrepčeva Krv - semi-sweet red wine from Čoka. How was this wine? We enjoyed it on Friday and on Saturday.

That has attracted attention and that is why we have chosen this red wine. The story about the Čoka Winery begins in 1903 and you can read about it at Čoka Winery website.

Now, how was this wine? We decided to enjoy it slowly by opening the bottle and split drinking in two parts. One on Friday and other on Saturday. It is semi-sweet according to the description. In reality it is easy to drink and it tastes good. We served it cold and we did not regret it. The taste might be similar to other red wines that we mentioned.

The conclusion this time is that Ždrepčeva Krv surely belongs to easy-drinking wines and it should be very good to any steak or snacks. The taste is attractive and we can recommend it. If you ever visit the Balkans then you should buy a bottle or two.

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