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Written by: A.Beganovic on September 8, 2023.

Sirmione, Lugano and Liechtenstein

Sirmione, Lugano and Liechtenstein. What is it that makes us experience an area as beautiful? What about a pizza for 22 CHF or a nice sound of Lake Garda waves in Italian? Or maybe even a real German sound of "Servus"?

Southern Europe is beautiful. Maybe not on the absolute south but at least around the Alps. What do we actually mean with beautiful in this case? Is that conclusion too subjective?

As an author and owner of this magazine, I have decided to pick some parts from our latest trip and write a reportage about what I actually mean with the first sentence: Southern Europe is beautiful.

What is it that makes us experience an area as beautiful? As an experienced traveller and an European I can assure everybody that the most important thing is how we feel in an area.

(Paradiso) Lugano in Switzerland, Why is it inspiring?

Southern Europe is beautiful

Regardless where we are it is important to listen at our heart. What does it say and feel? One detail that can contribute our real feeling is our memory. The feeling can be wonderful if we remember a place from before or if we remember some person or persons who experienced the place together with us.

Sirmione, Lugano and Liechtenstein - (Paradiso) Lugano in Switzerland.

Lugano in Switzerland, for me maybe more known as Paradiso Lugano, is a place from where I have some memories. This time I also created new memories so it will always be a fantastic place for me.

Sirmione, Lugano and Liechtenstein - Marina in (Paradiso) Lugano in Switzerland.

The memory has an important role also if we can feel a connection or a similarity between a place we visit and another place we experienced before.

Sirmione, Lugano and Liechtenstein - Sirmione in Italy. The Lake Garda.

Lake Garda

The Lake Garda (Lago di Garda) in Northern Italy is also one nice place. There is a little town called Sirmione. It somehow can remind on some places with lakes in Austria. It also has similarities with the Adriatic coast.

The night view by the Lake Garda. Yachting Hotel Mistral in Sirmione in Italy.

We actually did not have a big opportunity to visit the central part of Sirmione because we stayed there one day only. Our priority was to experience the lake. Sleeping in Sirmione and swimming in the Lake Garda is worth being a great memory in the future.

The taste of the paradise

In Lugano we got a wonderful Ticino Ticket for free at our hotel. Why did the Italian canton Ticino in Switzerland give it to us? Well, the explanation is this:

This gives tourists the opportunity to explore every corner of the canton by public transport. The main focus of the project is on sustainable mobility, which will benefit the environment in two ways: Private car traffic will be reduced and public transportation strengthened.

Sirmione, Lugano and Liechtenstein - The coast street in Lugano in Switzerland.

However the buildings in Lugano have several similarities with those in Salzburg and Graz but also with buildings in München.

(Paradiso) Lugano in Switzerland. A very nice view from the bus.

As Lugano city is on the hills we can enjoy great views from above from several points. It is also possible from the bus while waiting in a traffic jam. There is also a tram that goes from the central city upwards to the central train station.

(Paradiso) Lugano in Switzerland. The view from the tram going down.

In Sirmione the buildings seem to be very colorful which fits the warm southern climate.

Sirmione, Lugano and Liechtenstein - Sirmione in Italy. The orange house.

Those colors are also visible in Lugano and the reason might be that both cities are Italian if we can express it that way.

(Paradiso) Lugano in Switzerland. Look at the inspiring windows.

Liechtenstein and Vaduz

What about Liechtenstein? Actually this little microstate (160 square meters) between Switzerland and Austria is interesting as such but honestly it does not leave any special impression.

Sirmione, Lugano and Liechtenstein - The mini Vaduz Castle in Liechtenstein.

Our visit in the capital of Liechtenstein called Vaduz was short. It took one hour only and it was relatively enough for creating a memory. There are for sure different tourist attractions but we did not see them all. Being in this little state gave a feeling of being in Germany or in Austria since it is close to the German part of Switzerland.

Cantons and languages

In Switzerland there is a special feeling when talking about the cantons and languages. It is easy to feel confused as a tourist because it is not always clear what language to use. For example in Lugano, Ticino it feels natural with English if you do not speak Italian but in Liechtenstein and northern Switzerland it feels natural with German if you can speak that language. You can easily say: Servus! Probably it is the same in the French cantons but we have not discovered them yet.

Sirmione, Lugano and Liechtenstein - Can the taste of the paradise change us?

If you had to make a decision - what city would be the one you would choose? Sirmione, Lugano, Vaduz, München, Salzburg or Graz? Can some palms in Laguano make you choose the city? Lugano is experienced as an expensive city. Just a pizza is for example 22 CHF. It is probably so also in the rest of Switzerland.

(Paradiso) Lugano in Switzerland. The palms in the city. Isn't that nice?

Some last words

I can imagine myself living in Sirmione, Lugano or some other similar city in Southern Europe. Munich, Salzburg or maybe even Graz are the potential candidates. That is why this article started with: Southern Europe is beautiful.

Check out the gallery below and enjoy the life.

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