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Written by: Magazine Team on December 31, 2023.

The annual look back 2023 - what was published?

The annual look back 2023 - what was published? Among many different articles, we have published some about big events in the World and an article about a taste of paradise.

The annual look back 2023- what was published? This year we have written about big events in the World and also about a taste of paradise. Do you remember any specific article?

What about Copenhagen Marathon vs Stockholm Marathon 2023 or Justfindit.se Magazine and Scandinavian marathons? We also published an adventure through Europe called Sirmione, Lugano and Liechtenstein which we experienced as a taste of paradise.

What more happened? Yes, this year we decided to create a new category in our magazine. It is called Books and hopefully we will be able to keep it growing. Every book should be a great part of our magazine. Just like this about Darcey and Nieve.

The annual look back 2023 - what was published?

Different themes

This year we have written different articles about movies, wines and skiing. We also did experiments with some drinks and therefore we published an article called Sexy Eyes - a cocktail for you and me.

We also published an article about Coronavirus and it feels like that theme will follow us. Just like the train problems in Sweden. Unfortunately we also had to publish a sad article. It is about a ski resort that is closed: Vallåsen - no more skiing. That article gave very sad vibes. On the other side we presented another ski resort called Isaberg.

We have presented two new cities this year: Graz and Biograd (The White Town by the Sea), we have analyzed Sarajevo as marathon city and we have mentioned a new and dangerous political party in Sweden. One more thing: We asked ourselves if Sweden really needs Euro instead of the own Swedish krona.

Aren’t we good? Yes, we are the best! Our magazine is open, transparent, clear and it is worth reading. However, we will proudly continue in 2024 and we recommend you to follow us.

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