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Written by: Magazine Team on December 30, 2022.

The annual look back 2022 - what was published?

The annual look back 2022 - what was published? We have tried to write about everything that could fit any reader, just like before. Do you remember anything specific?

Almost 365 days have gone. This year is close to its end. What are we going to remember from it? Do you remember any important happening? Besides the special military operation in Ukraine there might be something else.

We did not write anything about the situation between Ukraine and Russia because our magazine is meant to be a clean and neutral magazine. All modern medias stick their noses in others businesses and even lie but we do not. Our magazine does not have to do so for survival.

We mentioned though political theatre and double standards, medias and bad guys. People must understand what world we live in. Inspired by winter and skiing we also published an article about saving snow technique.

Then we also published different articles about wines, IT, business and two about Coronavirus. Reportages about travel are also written with huge passion. We finally got to know Salzburg, Branäs and also another part of Croatian coast.

The annual look back 2022 - what was published? We published 51 articles for you.

Sweden and me - 30 years of love is an article that belongs to our 30 years of love invisible category and it was well prepared. This year we also decided to write about running as a Munich running challenge, Half Marathon and Dreaming about Marathon.

Unfortunately we wrote one article less in 2022 than in 2021 because of the break in November. We had to work on protecting the magazine against the technical problems because of PHP changes.

Some last words?

So, this time we have given you an article with many links to different articles and it is because those might be worth reading. We are proud of writing and publishing all articles but sometimes we have to pick some with some kind of special content.

However, we will proudly continue in 2023.

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